UX/UI Design

About design

Success does not happen by accident, it happens by design — Gordon Brown, former UK Prime Minister

Customers expect nothing less than great products, regardless of technology, platform, or context. Businesses need to ensure they can create and sustain products that deliver on larger strategic objectives.

frog designs and engineers for the real world to ensure our clients’ products create an emotional connection from first use and deliver on their strategic intent.

Our offerings support the blurring between digital and physical products. To create experiences that scale frog provides brand design as well as design systems services. Our history, footprint and experience spans sectors, from consumer goods to highly-regulated industries.

With this unique perspective, frog helps businesses create lasting value with products and services that people love.

Software and digital design

To create signature software experiences, we envision, design, and prototype across multiple devices and platforms including desktop, web, mobile, and embedded systems.

Brand Design

We translate Brand Strategy into verbal and visual expressions, from corporate identity to digital, physical, and environmental experiences.

Graphic Design Service

We offer a complete design service for your company to have a strong and consistent corporate image, besides being able to properly communicate their services and products to your target audience.

Some of our work

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Why Work With Us

We understand the needs and objectives of our customers, outligning strategies and tactics to achieve them in the most effective, dynamic and sustainable way.


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TheFox Design

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Privacy Agreement
Visualatin undertakes not to share confidential information about your project.

Personal and unique
The various conferences, emails, calls scheduled, will allow us to define the storyboard of your application. The storyboard describes the operation and functionality of your application through the sequence of screens, that will constitut your application. We know that, every project is unique and personnal, that’s why we devote time working with you.

Android and iOs developement iOS & Android
We develop native applications, for iOS or Android. We provide warranty and maintenance for all the applications we deliver.

Once your application is ready, it can be brought online. This publication can be done in several ways:

– Stores : The application will be posted on official platforms, AppStore (for iOS) and Google Play (for Android).

– In-House : The application will be made available only to users you have chosen.


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