Android apps

We also develop applications on Android system. Our developers have the expertise necessary to work on projects, no matter the size or complexity that they require.
Empower your company’s presence in world’s largest mobile application store!


Great brand impact

Publishing an app in Google Play give your company a positioning bonus,  increasing your presence in Google search engine, and being visible for app users looking for your products and services in this store.


Safe and fast apps

Android apps offers a full set of capabilities, allowing almost everything concerning complex projects, using several actions to interact with anotherr users and systems.


Best performance

Native Android app is based in Java. Apps works in fast and safe way keeping best performance in critical points.

If you have a project or idea in mind, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Privacy Agreement
Visualatin undertakes not to share confidential information about your project.

Personal and unique
The various conferences, emails, calls scheduled, will allow us to define the storyboard of your application. The storyboard describes the operation and functionality of your application through the sequence of screens, that will constitut your application. We know that, every project is unique and personnal, that’s why we devote time working with you.

Android and iOs developement iOS & Android
We develop native applications, for iOS or Android. We provide warranty and maintenance for all the applications we deliver.

Once your application is ready, it can be brought online. This publication can be done in several ways:

– Stores : The application will be posted on official platforms, AppStore (for iOS) and Google Play (for Android).

– In-House : The application will be made available only to users you have chosen.